Saturday, February 13, 2016

You DON"T want to miss this blab!

Join us this morning for an AWESOME blab.
We will be interviewing Principal Gerry Brooks this morning at 10 CST!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Feature Teacher Tuesday

Welcome back for another week of Feature Teacher Tuesdays!
This week’s Feature Teacher is Lauren, over at Curriculum and Coffee!

Lauren is a wife, aunt, daughter, sister, and a dog mom to her Brittany Spaniel, Ace
Isn’t he cute?!
Lauren is in her third year of teaching first grade in Southwest Ohio. She loves to create, blog {when she can! The school year is SO busy}, and spend time outdoors with The Hubs and Ace. With a knack for tech, Lauren has taken those skills and applied them to the blogosphere, serving as her school’s Technology Learning Consultant, and to her TpT store.

One of Lauren’s Best Sellers in her TpT store is her Fact Family Activities!

These activities are interactive, and encourage student engagement with cutting, pasting & putting together fact family puzzles

Another one of Lauren’s favorite things to teach is grammar and writing conventions. She saw a need for a product that was engaging, and fun, but still served the need for her students to practice those capitals, punctuation marks, proper nouns, commas in a series, dates, and all of the other CCSS convention standards! The best thing? You can grab all THREE of her DOLs in one big bundle!
Lauren’s students LOVE taking a red pen to these pages and becoming the grader. Students gets to find all of the mistakes, and then rewrite the sentence. After, Lauren has her students complete a dictation sentence where she tells them how many points the sentence would be out of (capital, period, name title {Mr.}, commas, etc), and students get to grade each other’s dictation sentence.

Check out these other awesome products that you can find in Lauren’s TpT store that are 20% off this week, February 9-12!

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Monday, February 1, 2016

Feature Teacher Tuesday

This week’s featured teacher is Jessica Berggren from 
Tales of a First Grade Tales

Jessica is a wife, mother of 2 and First Grade Teacher. She has been teaching for 18 years and has a Master’s Degree in Math, Science and Technology for Elementary Education.  Her teaching journey began in 1998, New York City in Queens, NY. She moved out to Long Island 2 years later, where she was a 4th grade teacher. In 2004, she moved to Florida with her husband and 1 month old baby girl. She taught 3rd grade for several years, before an opening popped up in 1st grade. She was looking for a change and decided to let her principal know she wanted to move to 1st grade. That was 9 years ago. And she’s never looked back!
This year she was voted Teacher of the Year at her K-8 School by the Faculty and Staff. What a tremendous honor!!
In 2012, Jessica heard of a website where you can share, buy and sell lessons plans. She began to create things for others that she had been using for years. You can see her store here:  Store/Tales-Of-A-First-Grade-Teacher-Jessica-BerggrenOne of her favorite products is her Chevron Chic Blends and Digraphs pack.  chevronchic blends and digraphs dnealian1.jpg
It combines her love of creating decor and sound pedagogy in 1 product. This beautiful set includes posters for your classroom as well as practice for all of the blends and digraphs. The chevron colors are turquoise, orange, lime green, red and light blue. Each blend is accompanied by a bright and beautiful graphic.

geometry unit1.jpg

Jessica’s favorite subject to teach is Math. Her Common Core Geometry Unit (insert picture of geometry unit) is creative, and fun! It includes a fun character named Miss Polygon. She will help you introduce your unit, and get your students engaged and excited to learn shapes! Common-Core-Geometry-Unit-starring-Miss-Poly-Gon-641360

If you are looking for an engaging unit to get your students interested in shapes, and to get your own creative wheels spinning, then this unit is for you!
Of course, Jessica loves to share Freebies as well….
Here are 2 freebies she uses every year in her first grade classroom.       Daily 5 Pacing Guide: Daily 5 pacing guidecover.jpg
Geometry Lesson Introduction Freebie:

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Periscope: Talesof1stGrade

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Interactive notebooks

I know this is a simple interactive notebook but this is my first one with my students this year.  They LOVED it!  Just a fun way to learn!  I used the beautiful astrobrights paper but you can use white paper and have them color it.  I just typed the title of our story, and then we just wrote details about the story.  
Want free templates?

Want to know more about interactive notebooks?

I purchased the interactive notebook bundle from my friend, Erin Cobb of I'm Lovin Lit!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Awesome Powerpoint tips and tricks

OMG!  Chandra has an awesome blogpost about tips and tricks to make games out of your powerpoints!  Click on the picture to send you to her blog!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Want to organize your computer desktop? Check this out...

I found the WONDERFUL, Learninginwonderland, on youtube and she shared a really neat way to make a organized desktop image. I made a scope about it (please excuse all the extra teacher talk lol)
Here is her how to do video on youtube!