Thursday, April 17, 2014

Linky Thursday!! Pin up Thursday!

It's that time again!
Linky Thursday!

Kindergarten math strategies: great anchor charts for K and 1st grade math. Could even make tip books for student work stations so these strategies are always close at hand as kids are learning them!

Awesome Lego Math activiities!

Mothers day crafts -- Original pinner said: "Did this with my class this year and turned out great! Looked really nice! The kids used foam flowers."

Response to Intervention "If, Then" Reading Intervention. This packet is a gift to all teachers working with elementary level reader. Find the area of need and it gives suggestions on activities. Compiled by @Jennifer Jones from Hello Literacy. FREE!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Freebie Clipart from Krista Wallden-Creative Clips!

You don't want to miss this!  Head over to The Creative Chalkboard.  Krista has over 10,000 followers and she is giving clipart away.  I use her clipart in my items because she truly helps teachers!
Click on the picture to head to her blog!

Math Duel-Two player split screen math game-FREE today

This is a really cool app for free today (reg.2.99)
The iPad becomes a split screen and 2 stduents battle to answer the math problems!  Students LOVE competition!!
Click on one of the pictures for more info!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Pin Up Thursdays-Weekly Linky Party

I am joining a linky party with my friend Jasmine!!
Check out my Pinterest ideas and her site for other AWESOME ideas!  Click on the picture to head to her blog!

This pin has some AWESOME ideas for class managment with your students.  The silent sprinkles are a cheap and effective way to manage your students and she has so much more on her blog.  Click on the picture to send you to the pin on pinterest.

If you want to start The Daily 5 and don't know where to start, click on this picture to the pin on pinterest!

How Neat is this?  Have the student pick a sight word and find it in the book they are reading!

I'm an iTech teacher for my district so I LOVE iPads in the classroom.  Check out this pin with SO many helpful apps!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

AWESOME Writing app-developed by a TEACHER

Write about this app is worth the $3.99 charge if you need an awesome writing app.  Students are excited to use this app.
An easy way for students to compose and share Opinion and Narrative digital writing!

Carefully selected and written by teachers, all 125 pages and 375 prompts are interesting and appropriate!

Multiple authors can write and save to the gallery. Download to the Camera Roll or share a polished Write About by email (.JPG, .PDF or .MOV)! 

Authors can now add a voice recording with their work to create a personalized movie on the Camera Roll!

New Profiles feature with custom avatar and default email allows for further individualization and saved work can now be filtered by author!

Use your photos, ideas and voice to capture unique Write Abouts!

Voice & Level options based on learning theory and real classroom experience!

From single teacher iPads, to carts, to 1:1...educators are using the app to meet their unique needs!


Search content based on interest, curriculum, season or theme. 

Our world is full of amazing scenes with stories yet to be written...what will you Write About?

Visit our Learning Hub at

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Awesome App-Draw Wireless

If you have not checked out this app, you have to!!
It is Draw Wireless
The app works as a standalone tool very well, allowing for students to draw and alter imported images.  But the magic happens when you connect to another device and work live on a project. To use Draw Wireless with your students you will need to be in the same room and using Bluetooth.   This works very well since an Internet connection is not needed.  Make sure Bluetooth is on in your settings.

How can I use it?
  • use it to share the same work space with another person.
  • use it to work collaborative on a project.
  • use it to provide feedback on a one another’s work.
  • It's easy for students of any age:
  • 1. Have your partner download the app, Draw Wireless.
    2. Both participants need to have the app open. 
    3. Tap the Connect button on each device to start searching for each other.
    4. Once they have located each other, tap Join.
    5. Create a picture together and save to the camera roll.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

What is app smashing???

What is “APP Smashing.” This is a term coined by Greg Kulowiec. It simply means to use multiple apps to complete a project  Take a look at the examples below of App Smashing.

Examples of App Smashing:

Here is a great example of creating a vocabulary project using Story Maker HD, Balloon Stickies Free and Pic Collage

Here is an example of using Thinglink to create a class project, where their individual projects are attached to their image.
Here is an example of app smashing that I did using the apps:  Feltboard mother goose app and Educreations

What I did to creat it....I went to Feltboard mother goose, I made a scene and did a screenshot from my iPad.  I then downloaded the screenshot of the scene to educreations and recorded my voice to make the scene.   Educreations is an awesome teaching tool!