Saturday, August 10, 2019

New School Year!

I want to wish everyone a wonderful year.  
I know we will all be so stressed trying to get everything together but please remember that YOU CAN DO THIS!  It will get easier and fall into place.  After attending the Ron Clark Academy, I knew that I wanted to make some changes.  I saw the red lasers that Ron's students were using to explain their thinking.  Ron also used the "Red Button" and the "Snowstorm" to reward students.  I was thinking of what I can use to help reward students that give an awesome answer so I purchased a Bubbletron machine.  I am so lucky to have a VERY supportive Assistant Principal who also attended the academy with me.  She found ways to help me with my goals.  I was honored to have donors to purchase my lasers and Bubbletron.  

I also added a stage to my classroom.  My awesome teammate made my stage for me.  It is seriously the best and it can be used for added storage.  My friend/teammate is the most talented!  I have taught at a private school, charter school, and now a public school.  I have taught at my current school for 9 years.  I am definitely not perfect but one tip that I would suggest would be to show your students that you love them and you truly want them to succeed.  I have always kept the idea in my head to always "Teach your students the way that you want your child's teacher to teach."  If a student doesn't think that you love them, they will act out.  My students are not always perfect with their behavior in class but they know that if they do fall, that I will still love them. 

 Our job as teachers are so important; sometimes, we are their only constant.  Let's make a difference!  Today is the day because tomorrow is never promised.