Thursday, November 14, 2013

Morning Routine Tips

These are tips that we do as a 1st grade team at our school!  Just wanted to share:)

Every morning, the students walk in and stand by their desks.  I welcome them and I explain what they have to do with their boardwork.  The boardwork is pictured below and it is usually practice for a language skill that we are working on that week! (pic of the boardwork paper is below)
After they complete the boardwork, they move on to their journal writing.  Each student has a journal notebook that they write in.  We require the parents to purchase 2 notebooks a year so they have room.  At the beginning of the year, I help them start the answer sentence.  This week, the students are starting to write the answer sentence by themselves.  I am slowly weaning them off of helping them.  Each day they write and it is very helpful to become better writers!

After they have completed the boardwork and the journal, they have a "Ten Game" to complete daily.  It usually consists of addition or subtraction cards.  You can also show pictures and have students write down the beginning, middle, or ending sound.  I will post a pic of the "Ten Game" answer sheet tomorrow!  At the end of week, if they complete the entire "Ten Game," they get a treat!

This a picture of what is on their desk when they walk in in the morning.  They have their boardwork sheet and an extra sheet.  The extra sheet can be done for early finishers.  It usually is a spelling worksheet or a math review skill.  In January, we start using wide ruled looseleaf paper to prepare them to write on smaller lines for 2nd grade.

Hope this helps!  Email me with any questions!

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