Sunday, March 30, 2014

What is app smashing???

What is “APP Smashing.” This is a term coined by Greg Kulowiec. It simply means to use multiple apps to complete a project  Take a look at the examples below of App Smashing.

Examples of App Smashing:

Here is a great example of creating a vocabulary project using Story Maker HD, Balloon Stickies Free and Pic Collage

Here is an example of using Thinglink to create a class project, where their individual projects are attached to their image.
Here is an example of app smashing that I did using the apps:  Feltboard mother goose app and Educreations

What I did to creat it....I went to Feltboard mother goose, I made a scene and did a screenshot from my iPad.  I then downloaded the screenshot of the scene to educreations and recorded my voice to make the scene.   Educreations is an awesome teaching tool!

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