Saturday, April 5, 2014

Awesome App-Draw Wireless

If you have not checked out this app, you have to!!
It is Draw Wireless
The app works as a standalone tool very well, allowing for students to draw and alter imported images.  But the magic happens when you connect to another device and work live on a project. To use Draw Wireless with your students you will need to be in the same room and using Bluetooth.   This works very well since an Internet connection is not needed.  Make sure Bluetooth is on in your settings.

How can I use it?
  • use it to share the same work space with another person.
  • use it to work collaborative on a project.
  • use it to provide feedback on a one another’s work.
  • It's easy for students of any age:
  • 1. Have your partner download the app, Draw Wireless.
    2. Both participants need to have the app open. 
    3. Tap the Connect button on each device to start searching for each other.
    4. Once they have located each other, tap Join.
    5. Create a picture together and save to the camera roll.

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