Sunday, April 26, 2015


I found another awesome app/website that you can use if you don't have clickers but would like to get immediate feedback from your students.  
At my previous school, I had SMART clickers that our school won at a LACUE conference and I would use them for review with my students before a test. 
I will write a grant in the future for the Activ Expressions but for the time being, I found an awesome alternative.
This is a FREE app and website that you are able to print up a code for each student to have them show you the multiple choice answer that they think it correct.  
I go around with my Plicker app and scan the student's answer (the answer should be at the top of card) and I get immediate results/feedback.
All you have to do it go to
Sign up in the right hand corner of the site.
Once you log in, you can add a class and title it whatever you want.
I put an example class for you.  All you do is type the students first name or you can give them a nickname or number.  The card or the website will not show the student's name publically.  Press enter and it will automatically start making the cards.
After you are completed entering the students names, go to the top right-hand corner and click Cards.
This is what will produce for you to print up.  

Unfortunately, I didn't have card stock at home to print the cards because card stock would be best.  You can also laminate the pages if you choose.
When you teach older students, using the original plicker card is great but it can be a challenge for the younger students.  I got this idea from Sharing Kindergarten.
I turned the card over and wrote their name on the back of the card.  I also labeled A, B, C, and D with different colors.  The students will be able to hold the card and easily see if they have the correct letter at the top so I can scan it.

When you open the app, you will be able to type in a question(you don't have to type every detail.) You press what the correct letter is and the app does the rest.
Only the teacher can see the names/nicknames in the top left hand corner.  Also, you can also see in the right hand corner how many answered the questions.
I hope that you will be able to try this app with your class.  Please comment if you want to add how you use it in the classroom.

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