Sunday, April 26, 2015

Touchtronic Letters and Numbers

I was on Instagram and noticed 
Creativity to the Core posted about this neat app.  I decided to look it up and I am really excited about getting this for my classroom.
The apps are 
They are getting awesome reviews....  The apps introduce numbers, counting, matching and simple sums with Touchtronic Numbers - the first 3 D tactile math resource to interact with the iPad. Includes numbers 0-9 and 6 equation symbols, color-coded with numbers in purple and equations in orange. The supporting FREE apps (available from the iTunes store) includes games and activities for teaching number recognition, counting and place value. Touchtronic Numbers comes in a handy storage bag. 
 Touchtronic Letters combine the physical and digital worlds of learning. Includes 26 letters color-coded with consonants in blue and vowels in red. The supporting free App (available from the iTunes store) includes games for teaching letter recognition, phonemic awareness and word building. There are also exciting animations which reward children as they complete each different level.

The apps are free but you do have to purchase the letters and numbers but I think that they are a reasonable price.
Click below to send you to the price link
They also sell them on Amazon as well.

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