Monday, June 22, 2015

Awesome Partner apps for centers or small groups

Hey Y'all!  I hope you are having an awesome summer.  On a previous post, I posted about some awesome apps with Augmented Reality so I wanted to share some extra apps that my class loves.

Word cloud is the 1st app that I want to share.  This app is made by the inventors of  I used this app in my small reading groups.  I gave each group a spelling list and each student typed in a spelling word and as a group, they decided on a font, color, and setting for the words.  I would then check for accuracy and the students would finish the list.  It's an easy way to get the students to practice their spelling words.
Math Duel is an awesome partner app.  Students can compete by answering addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division problems.
Both players can set their own settings.  Who doesn't like a healthy competition?
Draw Wireless is an awesome partner app that 1 iPad can connect with another iPad by using bluetooth.  You don't even need wifi.  I would have 1 student write a number sentence and the other student would answer the problem.  Different ways to use this app are endless.
Hello Crayons is another spelling word practice app that I use the same way that I use Word Clouds.  You can use the color, marker, sharpie, or paintbrush option.  
Monster Hunt is an educational memory game that up to 4 players can play on 1 iPad.
I hope that you can find some of these apps useful in your classroom.

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